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What happened at the Boys Republic this weekend..

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Just wanted to give you a briefing of some of the goings on at the Boys Republic. This weekend Michael O’Donnell, Bruise Lennen, Rocky Reynolds and myself where busy this weekend helping with the set-up of the Friends of Steve McQueen car show.

BTW that’s Michael O’Donnell’s 2001 & My 2008 Bullitts that will be joining Chad’s Gateway Mustang & a Black Charger on display. I will admit both Michael & I where a bit nervous – but hats off to Chad for allowing his to be perched up in the air – my Bullitt isn’t near as expensive (maybe 1/5th the cost$$) but I’m not so sure I’d of let them hang my Bullitt up in the air like that!

This is the offical artwork for the show - the artist made 20 numbered copies and is selling them at $1000 each with half of that going directly to the Boys Republic.

Here is probably the "Coolest" Tee-Shirt EVER! And it's only $20 on-line at the Boys Republic! Great Bullitthead gift - any orders not picked up the day of show will be mailed. But buying it on-line at the Boys Republic website is the way to go as day of show they'll be selling for $25 each.

Anyway your brother Bullittheads been really busy and this is looking to be the BEST FoSM Car Show to date and a BULLITT event folks will be taking about for decades. I will try to give updates from time to time as the FoSM Car Show unfolds…
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I know someone who has a trailer...

DavidMidgley said:
Steve, I may have to settle for that model of the Triumph with Steve...

As for the Beetle, the one in the picture is an older model (1961-1966). I am looking for an actual 1968 Deluxe Beetle, from the factory green with black interior. Not that I have the funds to buy one at the moment, or that it has much cache beyond the IMBOC site...and I doubt that I would care for the drive in one out to the BR for the next event. :rolleyes: No a/c, no power, ride like crap, unsafe, unreliable...wah, wah, wah!!! :lol:
Dang things used to be everywhere. Now people have gotten to thinking the dumb things are collectible! And valuable! *Crazy*
Have it trailered by Paul. Then it will be considered collectible.:wink:
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