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What is involved with changing springs to Eibach?

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Just wondering if it is a simple task or do you have to remove the struts and half the front end to get to them??
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Springs cost 220. The install was pretty easy.
Tools: impact gun,13/16 socket,18mm socket,18mm wrench, 10mm socket, big screwdriver.
Rear Spring Install:
1.Put the rear car on jackstands and chock the front wheels.
2.Place a good floor jack under the center of the rearend and lift it slightly to remove tension from the shocks.
3.Take the rear shocks loose at the bottom and take the kikker shocks loose at the rear of the wheel.
4.Lower the jack slowly untill it comes away from the axle housing.
5.To remove the springs push down on the tire and pull the top of the spring to the rear of the tire and it should come loose. dont worry about it popping because all the pressure is allready released.
6.Take off the rubber pad on the top of the old spring and tape it on the new.
7.To re-install go in reverse order.

Front Spring Install:
1.Put car on jackstands
2.Take off tires,(use for seat)
3.Remove the nut from the lower part of the swaybar which is connected to the lower control arm.
4.Place jack under the control arm and lift slightly to release pressure
5.Remove the nut from the top of the strut and take bushing out of the way.
6.Lower c/arm untill jack comes loose and move it out the way.
7.Use screwdriver to take out clip on the brakeline to make room then take out the retaining bolt that hols it to the fenderwall.
8.Place foot on top of the caliper arsey. and push down whil pulling the spring out from the top end first.
9.Put all rubber parts on the new springs that came off the old ones.
10.Re-install in reverse order.

The whole procedure should take about an hour depending on how often you have to get up and get tools.
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Is lowering the car the intent or better hadnling? Can't you just lower the front and back a bit with a spring compressor/lower kit? I am not sure what they are really called...but I remember seeing a kit somewhere that basically compresses the spring with a couple brackets and a large bolt. I am not sure if this is a good way or not...I don't have any experience with this sort of thing....but I do have a question on if it is better to go with springs...what kind would I need to even the front and back out and to get that M3 look?....There is a BMW dealer down the street from me...and they look soooo sweet. Still don't know why the wife traded her 2000 328Ci for a T/A...ahh!!!


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