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What is involved with changing springs to Eibach?

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Just wondering if it is a simple task or do you have to remove the struts and half the front end to get to them??
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On the front,remove and hang with wire,the brake calipers,no need to disconnect the line. Place floor jack under lower control arm,jack arm up slightly,remove the bolts that attach strut to spindle. This is where you need to be carefull,I loop a chain thru a spring coil and secure to the A-arm with a bolt,Carefully lower jack and A-arm to max travel,which will release the spring pressure. Take a long pry bar and gently pry spring from it's seat. The chain will act as a safety link. Remove chain and spring. Make sure you have the front end up high enough on jack stands! I forgot.....May have to remove the steering tie rod ends from the spindle,to give enough downward movement!

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I still use a safety chain incase something slips! Ever see what a loose spring can do!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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