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What is this? How screwed am I?

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Lots of leaking from the transmission after the last time I took it out-I did ride it hard the time before that. This is some sort of nylon mesh, it goes into the shop on Tuesday.
it still shifts great, there’s no issues there, the clutch fluid is the perfect color, so I think the transmission is still ok, but this is weird, I’m pretty sure you couldn’t even see it when I bought it


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Hard to tell from the pics, are you referencing the thing jutting out from casing (Left-side of pic)? To me it looks like someone shoved a rag in there to hide a leak...hopefully not.

If all is operating properly - let the transmission shop take a look & assess. Sure it's not horrible, but let us know what you/they find.
I thought it was a rag too, but it doesn’t feel that way, I’m wondering if it was some type of seal they used and it’s completely slipped off
Its probably just a tailshaft seal leaking and someone had a rag jammed up there soak it up. Also appears that promotion has been in that one before which isnt a bad thing at all.
You guys are certainly making me feel better, hopefully all goes well Tuesday
It’s a cracked transmission case, I’m looking at a $1500-2000 repair, which is doable. Just glad this isn’t a normal everyday car we use
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