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what should I do???

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HI everyone my name is Wes and I am 16 I have a Bullitt. I was wondering what do you guyz think I should do to the car? I was thinking bassani catted x, bassani catback, pro 5.0 shifter, 3.73's or 4.10's and a mac cold air kit (fenderwall) What else do you think I should do. thanx WES
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You've got money left to spend after paying for the car insurance? WOW!
All of the mods sound good .Do you plan on driving long distances, if so (3.73)gears.
Have fun & enjoy
I would get a MAC O/R H pipe first.. sounds great, and is real cheap. Not bad to install. THen I would get a MAF/CIA set up. Gears, go 410 all the way unless you plan on NOS/SC down the road. Last but not least some tint and tires. Well put thifter in there some where. Then start in on the suspension.
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On 2001-09-27 18:15, 1248bullitt wrote:
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the lastr time i checked mac dont make a cai for our cars yet thats why i went for the c&l
Yup I had a MAC kit from my 2000GT.. no go on the Bullitt.... But if some one wants to buy it I will let it go cheap.. hehehe

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