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Never heard what happened to the Bullitt that the service department wrecked on a test drive. Did the dealership get the owner a new Bullitt, money, another type of car? If anyone knows, post here.

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Yes, I've been checking and checking, curious as to HOW that one was handled...will be nice to know....thanks for looking for us!


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Here is the post from Stangnet he posted:

Location: Jersey

There are no Bullitts available........So, what I might do is I should be entitled to my down payment back and the 4 monthly payments that I already shelled out...and for the time being I might lease an Explorer Sport Trac until the Mustang Boss comes out....haha
Here are the posts from Bullittclub:
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UPDATE:::: Ok is whats goin on....In terms of the Brake Pads..They have been squeaking since day one....First time I brought the car in..they saw nothing wrong..then the brakes kept on squeaking....So the only thing they could do is get new pads...
Anyway...The dealer is going through their insurance to see what they are going to do..
I have contacted my he is aware of it...He is not an expert on this sort of thing.but if this gets hairy.....he will take care of it.....The dealer did a 5 state search..NO BULLITTS available....So what I am either a Mach....or a bigger vehicle....I dont know yet...All I know is that I am getting more ticked off now...because I miss the POWER of my True Blue.......Thanks again for the support....
I love ya all..Haha!


If I remember right, he E-mailed me a little later and told me that he got a bigger vehicle instead. Like a SUV or something like that. (They're all the same to me). I think I will E-mail him and see how he is doing!

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