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Wheel weights on the outside

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Ok, I've been stuck in this meeting all morning and they have about pushed me into a homicidal rage because we keep rehashing the same crap as the last 10 meetings without any solutions. So I got to vent on a subject that has bothered me for years.

Why do the manufacturers design a nice car, put on custom wheels costing several hundred dollars, and then ruin the look by sticking ugly lead weights costing 2 cents on the outside of the wheels? Where's the pride in workmanship? Hint for manufacturers and suppliers: take a little extra time and put the weights on the inside where they are hidden. I realize that this is a small thing that I can fix myself, but it bugs me that I have to. There, blood pressure returning to normal. Urge to kill fading.
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Excellent point! It bugs the heck out of me
too! Vipers come from the factory with stick
ons inside, why not other cars? I took my
clip ons off the day I bought the Bullitt and
replaced them with stick ons inside the
spokes...even though the Goodyear center told
me not to do it since maximum balancing could
not be achieved with stick ons. I have not
noticed any vibrations or uneven wear with
the stick ons inside the wheel. Like you, I
did not like the look of clip ons and did not
want a "brake dust corrosion" mark on the
rim when the weight would be placed elsewhere
when rebalanced with new tires.

BTW...hope things iron out at work!


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Now that is funny! :lol: :lol: :lol:

BTW, a very good friend of mine named Chris
Collins recently left AT&T and he lives in
Lawrenceville too. Do you know him? I cannot
remember what division he was in, sorry.
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