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Wheel weights on the outside

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Ok, I've been stuck in this meeting all morning and they have about pushed me into a homicidal rage because we keep rehashing the same crap as the last 10 meetings without any solutions. So I got to vent on a subject that has bothered me for years.

Why do the manufacturers design a nice car, put on custom wheels costing several hundred dollars, and then ruin the look by sticking ugly lead weights costing 2 cents on the outside of the wheels? Where's the pride in workmanship? Hint for manufacturers and suppliers: take a little extra time and put the weights on the inside where they are hidden. I realize that this is a small thing that I can fix myself, but it bugs me that I have to. There, blood pressure returning to normal. Urge to kill fading.
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My last car had 225/R17 Goodyears and crome rims...never did I let them be on the outside. They complained and after 30k the tires had worn perfectly all around.

These tire shop guys should be thanking you if it truely will not balance just means you'll be in for another set of BadYears.
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