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Wheel weights on the outside

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Ok, I've been stuck in this meeting all morning and they have about pushed me into a homicidal rage because we keep rehashing the same crap as the last 10 meetings without any solutions. So I got to vent on a subject that has bothered me for years.

Why do the manufacturers design a nice car, put on custom wheels costing several hundred dollars, and then ruin the look by sticking ugly lead weights costing 2 cents on the outside of the wheels? Where's the pride in workmanship? Hint for manufacturers and suppliers: take a little extra time and put the weights on the inside where they are hidden. I realize that this is a small thing that I can fix myself, but it bugs me that I have to. There, blood pressure returning to normal. Urge to kill fading.
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My BMW has the weights on the inside, as a matter of fact there are several. I would assume that you can do the same on the Bullitt.
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