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wheels for sale

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I have 4 of the factory mustang 5 star bright polished (not just silver) wheels with running horse centers (not the cheap 5 hole deals) that came off my 2001 premium optioned v6 mustang for sale.

It now has 546.7 miles on it thats it. brand new ..great shine... flawless.... and i purchased bullitt wheels and tires for it. The deal is the 4 wheels with the tires...shipping included in the united states for 500 bucks even. this is the first listing for these so they are offered here first today.

if interested or any questions please feel free to email me. at [email protected] and i will get back to you. thanks for your time

note i am going to be away for 5 days from emails might be slow on return.

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are they 16's? i would consider buying two of the wheels without the tires.
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