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When I looked at my first Bullitt,.........

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My first thought was to pull the fuel door or paint it black but now I love the way it looks.
I still wish they would have made a silver one. :roll:

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The first question my daughter asked when I told her I had bought a Mustang Bullitt was: "Is it silver?" I guess, thanks to Coors, everyone hears bullet and thinks silver.
I like the gas door, but I was talking with my neighbor the other day and was surprised to hear he did not like it. Part of the problem may be that every one and ther grandmother has a car with something like this on it. Oh well, mine is staying :wink:.

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Speaking of the gas-lid door, A friend of mine that I haven't talked to in a while drives a newer Z/28. I was talking to them on the phone and they said, "I heard about your new Bullitt, does that silver gas cap give you another 10 horse ha ha ha..."

---If only I could have reached through the phone.....
At least 10 more horsepower :wink:

Take care.

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