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when is it time to raise hell with the dealership......

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My idle has been high since I have owned my bullitt. Finally they said they will get me a new Idle control assembely. Well that was last month, and I have been calling weekly to check on the status of the ICA, and they said they are having a hard time locating one.

Are parts that hard to get??? Is it time to call ford coustmer service?? I really dont want to p*ss these guys off, becouse they are mod freindly. But at the same time, I want my car to idle correctly and I just cant see it taking over a month to get a part. Any commments??? PS does anyone have the phone number to all if I decide to go that route????


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My local service department has had a very hard time getting parts lately. Must be nation-wide.

It took a month for service to get it straight with Ford exactly what part I needed. They ordered a passenger-side weather strip to replace my bent one. The first time they ordered it, they got a 2-piece for some other model (don't remember what it was). The Bullitt's weather strips are apparently 3-piece. That's what I was told, anyhow. Dunno if that was line-feeding or truth.
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