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I was putting the glaze on #1720, and into the final buffing when I saw them. Two nice dings on the passenger side door. I guess they became visible after the white-dry glaze got into the scratched clearcoat.

Anyways, I was trying to figure out when this would have happened, then it clicked.
Last summer I came up behind a '68 red camaro on a twistie, very innocent by the way as he was driving shy of the posted limit. He saw me, tapped the gas and took off.
Now, like any good Bullit owner, I sped up and followed him - you know, just to get a nice look at his classic ride. I don't think he liked my presence since at every straight-a-way his exhaust belched loud and grey as he tried to lose me.
Fine and dandy, the road ends, and I pull up to turn left. I wave him a thumbs up and a big smile, he looks real p!ssed and throws up gravel at the intersection as he spins away.
I hear faint 'tink tink tink' of pebbles hitting the car and assume the worst. When I got home my wife and I looked over the car and at that time didn't notice any damage, so I figured I got lucky. Not so.

So, if you're going to roll off some rubber, think of what's behind you and under your tires, 'cause the paint that's being chipped may someday be yours.

Sorry for the rant, but having my near perfect shine tarnished makes me irritable.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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