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Where are the SoCal Bullitts?

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Haven't seen any other Bullitts in SoCal yet.
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I haven't seen to many here in SoCal. In fact the only other one I have seen a dealer was driving. One of his dealer buddies tried to sell me it but the dealer that was driving said he was going to keep it for himself.
Where are you BC?
I will be coming to So Cal for school come end of August...L.A. area. Right now i'm still at home in Vancouver. :smile:
I'm in Santa Maria, but I don't think that counts as SOCAL. More like Central Cal.
I thought I had where I am from in my profile (updated it now). I am in Chino.
True blue bullitt #2122 located in Temecula California. Hemets not to far away, I havent seen another bullitt yet!!!
There does seem to be a scarcity of them in Southern Cal. I own black Bullitt #140 but have yet to see another, except at the dealership. The closest thing I saw on the streets was a black six banger dressed up with Bullitt badging. The nerve!
Besides mine in Santa Barbara I have seen only 2. 1 driving down the coast towards Ventura and a good friend of mine has one in
Glendora...not many out and about.

SBBullitt 1101
Hey SBbullitt, I drive my Bullitt to work in Santa Barbara. So, if you see a green Bullitt around HWY 154 or Turnpike road, that's me!
Bullitt #230 is in Acton, just south of palmdale.
Glendora, eh?? I'll be in Azusa in a week. I go to university there, so I'll be there for the year. After grad in 2 more years, I'll hopefully be living in the Santa Barbara area, so maybe I'll see you guys around!! :smile:
The #305 is in Los Angeles, I drive it to work everyday 7 miles one way, and I have been driving to Bullhead City every other week, I got now 5800 miles, only problem I had was right rear sway-bar bolt came off and the sway-bar was rattling when hitting a bump.
Saw a True Blue Bullitt in Laughlin last weekend. Had California plates and a San Diego dealer license plate frame.
First visit to the website, thought I'd chime in on the local LA Bullitt sightings. Dealership in Thousand Oaks (Kemp) had 3 or 4 (two green, one blue and my black) and they sold in about 2wks. Called Galpin Ford in Van Nuys when I was shopping and they had SEVEN (at least that's what they claim). Haven't seen any others in the 2+ mths I've had mine, not even the other locals.
Talk to you kids soon, we'll be in touch!
hey guys.....Green Bullitt#5357 ...Im in
gotta hook up with bullitt4660 same city???
Saw a DHG on Barham Blvd. by Warner Bros about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I was coming down Pass Ave and turned onto Barham. Honked at him, he honked back and waved.
I am from Sylmar, Cal. Bought my Highland Green beauty from Galpin Ford. When I bought it in mid-August, believe it or not, they had 3 Highland Green (one is now mine), two blue and one black. I spotted another HG one on the 118 freeway and one on the lot at Magic Ford up in Valencia.

LOVE my Bullitt!
Hey So. Cal. Bullitts. I'm down here in San Pedro and the story is the same here. The dealership had 4 when I bought my True Blue #2979. Seen alot of the GT look alikes, but no Bullitts. Take it easy.

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