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Where do you get????

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I know someone on this forum has a color matched Ford Oval on the rear decklid of his car. Which one of you was it and where can I get it? I would like to get a black one to match my car. I think it would add to the whole tone of the appearance on my car. I have removed the grill and pony, the bullitt letters and painted the GT badges black.
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Hey Lok, that was me. Problem is, I just noticed I am getting some small "spots" on the paint around the Ford lettering. I need to go thru my old emails, get ahold of this guy, and see if I can get a replacement. I'm not sure if water got in there or what. I'll post his email if he is cool about it.
Thanx a lot, I appreciate it. Hopefully he will be cool about it. If not I suppose I will leave the original.
Not sure I want a Green Oval, but I would like a 'stealth' pony or no pony at all. Lok, you said you just took the grill out? Do you have a good pic of that? How hard would it be to paint the pony flat black?
The whole process is fairly easy. I still have my stock grill and pony. I will install it and remove taking pics along the way and post if anyone is interested in doing this. I can't tell you how hard it is to remove the pony cause it is in my trunk and my car is 300 miles away getting body work done. LOTS of it. Anyway, I will provide the step by step and see if the pony comes off to paint. I'm sure it does since you can get different badges there. Even MGW sells replacement front badges.
Know a guy who painted his pony. Never even removed it from the car! Car black, pony black, looked good. I've ordered a grill from Mustangworld. Allready recieved my flaming pony from Holocomb. Will paint grill black when recieved, try with and without pony and TRY to post pictures for all interested to see.
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