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***Received this email from THE AMERICAN CENTER FOR LAW AND JUSTICE and thought that I would just pass this information along***

The ACLU, Freedom From Religion Foundation and their allies don't really want you to know about this ...

... but they have sought to intimidate school boards into removing "God Bless America" signs across the country, in a vicious attempt to SILENCE our children and grandchildren from declaring their patriotism while America is at war!

They can be stopped - but I must ask you to sign our PATRIOTIC EXPRESSION OF RELIGIOUS FAITH PETITION right away -

- and after signing, send this message to your friends so that others can join this NATIONWIDE petition campaign!

It's absurd that our national leaders can call for prayer ... that the song "God Bless America" can play in stores ... that the phrase "God Bless America" is showing up everywhere from T-shirts to highway billboards ...

... but our children and grandchildren cannot even UTTER these three words at school!


- The ACLU has determined that "God Bless America" is "a hurtful, divisive message" ...

- They claim that schools who allow its display are "dividing its young students along religious lines" ...

- And other liberal groups have also gone after the Pledge of Allegiance because of its "one nation, under God" phrasing.

Both "God Bless America" and the Pledge of Allegiance are CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED free speech. The ACLU and other anti-faith, anti-freedom organizations have no sound legal argument to silence our students ...

... but for some reason, they keep trying to ELIMINATE religious speech - especially in schools!

That is why I need you to sign the American Center's "Patriotic Expression of Religious Faith Petition."

We will be sending a letter to each school superintendent in every state that outlines the legal issues on why such phrases as "God Bless America" and "One nation, under God" are constitutionally permissible.

It will let each school superintendent know the number of specific people, and their names, who have signed on to the petition from their state.

The petition sends a strong message of encouragement and admonishment to NOT give in the ACLU's threats. Our children and grandchildren need to know that they have the right to free speech - including religious speech - even when they're in school!

I urge you to sign this petition IMMEDIATELY so that we can help stop the ACLU's attacks and other threats to our Christian liberties.

But I also ask that you PRAY for this campaign - and for our efforts nationwide to defend your rights.

And if you can, please consider sending a tax-deductible contribution to help with the costs of our involvement all across America. We have committed our organization to defend free speech and keep "God Bless America" posted, and preserve the right of students to say the Pledge. Your help would truly be appreciated!

Too much is at stake for you to put off your involvement in our fight for our rights ... so please - sign the petition today!

Also please send this email to your address book ... so many more voices can be heard.

Thank you for standing with me during these difficult times. May God bless you - and may God bless America!
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