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Which Is A Better Buy?

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PhotoRick said:

Can't speak for the new Bullitt but as for the 01 the buy it now is way too high imho. With the 01 Bullitt market being the way it is now I think the owner will be lucky to fetch 16 for that car. It is a nice car and very low mileage for sure, it's just a bad market right now. As a point of reference I picked up #0005 with similar performance mods (add the T56) more mileage (27k at the time) but debatably a more historically interesting car and certainly a lower build number for significantly less than the buy it now for the car on Ebay.
So you could look at it like this, if you could get the 01 for 15-17 you'd have a car for half the price of the new one that would most likely be a superior performer. Plus with the newer edition there will be nothing but depreciation for years to come, while the 01's have hopefully reached the bottom now.
Having said all that, if I could afford a new one while keeping the 01 I'd probably do it, not many of my automotive decisions have been sound financially.....:cool:
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in ten years they might be worth the same.
As an owner of an 01... I'd have to say...

Forget the new one, buy the 01 and make it yours!
I agree with John - the 01 is overpriced. Even though it really is a good value at it's 'Buy it now' price of $25,900 considering how clean it is and the amount spent on mods.

The reality is that it is really only worth around the $17K that John threw out there. John drew a comparison to his car and I will do the same to mine.

My car was purchased with 6800 miles on it and probably more money spent in mods by the previous owner than the car that is for sale. (See My Garage for details). I bought this car 2 years ago for about 5K less than the 'buy it now' price on THIS car. In the age of $4.00 a gallon gas a reality, I just don't think the price is realistic.

But it looks to be an incredible car. I understand Photo Rick's comparison but the 08 is DEFINITELY worth more. Do I think it is a better car? Not necessarily. Which would I rather have? Since I have a modded 01, the 08 would be a no-brainer. It might be difdferent if I could only have one and would be 'stuck' with it (making the current difference in values a non-issue).
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I dont know if I would pay that but a very nice bullitt indeed... 20,000 and I bet he would sell it in a heart beat with the miles and the mods it has on it...
I can't believe that nobody is directing him toward the 2001 that ARMY TC has for sale (at substantially less than this one!)
Way too much on the Buy it now. I paid less than that two years ago. Then again, I wanted an unmodified car. That is what I bought. His car is worth way less than what the starting $ are, imo. Then again, it's ebay. No telling who will buy. The loan value is way below what he is starting at, so that is where the sale will actually be consumated. At least if he wants someone to actually come up with the money!
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