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Which mufflers? I only want to replace the stock ones...

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I'm looking for an agressive sound, with little/some interior drone (I still need to be able to use a cell phone on the hi-way at 2K RPM with the windows rolled up), and louder outside noise. I'm not looking for the '60's glass pack sound, but a more modern sound. I'm not looking to do any cat-back or X or O/R H exhaust system, ever. Just looking to replace the stock mufflers for a louder sound, that's all.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
Randy R...
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I suggest you check out the Bullithead who has Borla exhaust for sale...still new in the box! I had Borlas on my old Cobra and was quite happy. I forget how much he was asking, but it seemed like a good deal and it was posted today in the for sale forum.
Well, you could get magnaflow, but if you are really after a more aggressive sound you need to get a new H/X pipe. I would just get a mac off road h and be done with it. 115.00 and it sounds great with stock cat back and will give a nice power improvment.
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