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Which Springs ???

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Hey I am tossing around the idea of getting some Eibach Springs and wondered if anyone knew the difference's or recommend the "pro-kit" or the "sport lines" ?? I do know the "sport-lines" lower it more than the "pro-kit" but which is better ??? Thanks in advance !!
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Joe Bullitt here's some info for you taken from a previous post by me
"rsom1 here is the spring rate information you wanted on the Sportlines. Front progressive 456 to 507 lbs and rear 149 to 296 lbs. I got this information directly from Eibach who were very reluctant to share it with me. As for the stock rates, I can't find the link but I think Art Hyde stated them in a q&a that was posted on Stangnet several months ago. (600lbs front 200lbs rear linear) Hope the info helps you out, in any case the Sportlines are great for my purposes."
I have auto-crossed my Bullitt with the Eibachs and they were ideal along with my other suspension tweaks. Additionally I have a good balance of street performance and looks.
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