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Why chicks in outer space is a bad idea...

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That's freakin funny! :lol: I would think that it would have been tethered to her somehow. Oh yeah P.S. Remind me to take some bottled water with me when I go to the space station....:py1:
I always wondered how they (women) pee in space..... We men just have a suck tube.... must be messy ether way
JR, I didn't know you went into space!!!
Hmmmm, a woman in charge of a job that is "greasy and hand-intensive" - Doesn't sound like such a bad thing to me...:hyper: :hyper: :hyper:

But seriously, I too am surprised that the bag wasn't teathered.
How much do you suppose a bag of NASA space tools costs the taxpayers?:badgrin:
You know that toolbag is still in some kind of orbit. What goes around...comes around. I can see it now....Pilot of space shuttle sees something closeing in fast...towards his windsheild!! WTF??!!!
A wrench at 17,000 MPH!!
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Uh, Collin, is that finger an anatomical metaphor for something else?????

I can see it now; Playboy's future edition - "Girls of the Outer Thermosphere."

Or adult movies: "What The Alien Saw;" "Space Plowboys;" "Redstone Riders;" ....

(Man, I've too much time on my hands today...)
Space Plowboys?

:lol: :lol:
:lol: :lol:



:lol: :lol:
:lol: :lol:

Note:'re reading waaaaay too far into the vid...I'm just holding the index finger up for animation (not anatomical) in I have an idea that she (the female astronaut) may be hot and therefore may provide some eye candy to her fellow male astronauts and/or us male Earthlings. :nerd:
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You never know, Collin, what with NASA's recent history of diapered female astronauts on long-distance vendetta cruises and such!

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PX said:
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She is the one on the end in the back. I can't tell for sure but I think she has a stache. :tongue: :lol:

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Have you seen my tool bag?

Finders keepers if it lands in my backyard. :lol:,2933,457344,00.html
Hot stuff!

BB2008 said:
Finders keepers if it lands in my backyard. :lol:,2933,457344,00.html
Bad news: "Experts say the bag and its contents will eventually harmlessly burn up in the Earth's atmosphere, though it poses a risk to the space station and other orbiting satellites until then."
Geez...was she looking for her lipstick or something? :lol:

Don't ya just hate it when you can hear your phone ringing, but you just can't find it?
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