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Why oh why?

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Here's a couple of pictures of the car mentioned on a couple of other threads. So more people can share in my pain.

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Where is the "TYPE R" emblem?
That was Mus408's Bullitt on the left of the Blue Wonder! The show was the Central Va. Mustang Club event,held last weekend. Hey TwoPonys,that was the car!

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That is out and out THE ugliest thing I have seen done to a car yet. What was the decal/graphic on the hood scoop?
Yea- people can do whatever they want to their car, but someone needs a beating.
I think the crowd around MUS408's Bullitt (and viewer free zone around the winged wonder) says it all.

I didn't think it was possible for one of these cars to look bad. I stand corrected. If I'm not mistaken it looks as if this owner has taken upon himself to paint something on the hood scoop as well? :eek: :mad: :roll:

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I see what you mean,send that guy to Singapore, they have something waiting for him.
Just needs a couple of coffee cans to finish it up...oh, and a big decal of Speed Racer on the doors. What a disgrace to a vehicle of grace.
Who is this guy?
I have a big disco ball for the roof I want to sell him? :grin:
And who said having your taste buds removed was not possible? :eek:

Happiness is a Warm Bullitt...!
Frank & his
Black Beauty Bullitt # 2627
from Montvale, New Jersey

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I'll bet whoever did this has a dog and a red tip on his cane!
Who would do such a thing...? Who would want to make it look like a Civic? GEEZ

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Some Japanese writing in the back window, and he would be all set!

Actually, I think that guy works as a stylist for Pontiac.
His family car must be a Pontiac Aztek.

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Isn't that a Trans Am chicken on the hood?
Just Think.... Some poor souls wanted a Bullitt and couldn't get one because of lack of availability and then this guy has one and fatally defaces it. What irony!!
You know... it isn't really that bad! :roll: You all are kinda' over-reacting! Sure... maybe a genuine Speedvision World Challenge wing from Steeda would have been better. And maybe that hood sticker thingy is OTT, but just cause his tastes are different from yours doesn't mean he is "wrong"!
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On 2001-09-23 16:41, groovy wrote:
Just Think.... Some poor souls wanted a Bullitt and couldn't get one because of lack of availability</BLOCKQUOTE></FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD><HR></TD></TR></TABLE>

I doubt that. Ford cut the production short for a reason, likely lack of sales. There are only so many people of a certain mindset that will pay the extra $$$ just to be unique.
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