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Wieck media pictures of Bullitt Mustang and Chad Mcqueen

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Ok all you computer guys I have task for you. On BON last night, I found a link to a Web site called Wieck Media Sevices. when you find the site got to public Access and then put Bullitt Mustang in search and next thing you know, you'll find pictures of the 2001 Bullitt Chad Mcqueen and a 1968 mustang Gt Bullitt look alike. Also included is the Picture of the Bullitt Getting air. Which probly where Stangnet got their picture.
I emailed Wieck requesting information for purchasing some of the photos and I was turned down, because I'm not Media.
So maybe you guys that got skills can bring them to our forum
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Here you go.. Dug 'em up..


2001 DHG Bullitt #171

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BlakWing you got skills. Thanks for helping a computer challeged (spelling also) Bullitthead.
Blakwing thanks very cool. Now if someone could fiqure out how to put the show that was supposedly on ABC7, that would be outstanding. By the way did anyone see the show and was it any good?
I have the tape!
Also have B-Roll Footage!
COOOOL! da man!
Bullitt 68. Is there any way you can get the tape digitized so you can send it as a file for us to post? I'm pretty sure one of my acct's will let me do streaming media, if not I can always just post it as a file.
And then for the other stuff.. was it cool? :smile:
thanks for the link/post Blakwing!!!!
nice pics to look at!
excellent pix...brought back some great memories....I remember cutting classes in high school to see the movie when it was first the R.K.O.Theatre on main street in downtown Flushing, N.Y. ....the original plan was to see the noon show and still hit the 230-430 classes...wrong, missed em all and still got home late...saw it 3 x's in a row before getting tossed by the manager.
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