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Wife's Away - I'll Play (Upgrades)

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Wife took a trek to watch family kiddos so I took advantage of added garage space & did a few mods. Swapped UCA, which was a PITA on jack stands. Then trying Borla ATAK mufflers I bought a few years back & always wondered about sound vs. existing FR-500-S pipes so we'll see. Finally added louvers to rear 1/4 windows for the same look as original. Can't wait to give it a test run. :D

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Let's get a vid up on the ATAKS! Can't imagine they sound better than the FR500's tho.
Definitely on the "to-do" list, but waiting for crap weather to be done. Seems like every day's a rainy/stormy one here in NE. :(
Great work. I really like the honeycomb panel on the trunk and your tailights.
Thanks, the panel was from AM, but Borla mufflers & Gen-7 lights were sweet CraigsList deal. Got to love those discounted parts. ;) :D
Nice little upgrades!

I sent you a PM about those FR500S mufflers.
Saw it, but not really looking to sell as they have nice sound & OEM look (tips). Will keep it in mind, if I do decide to let them go.
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