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Window tinting ????

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I know there is an old thread on this subject.
Just wonder if anyone has had good luck tinting there windows. I have with the local tint shops and they all say there will be white spots around the rear window. Sanding and acid wash will not prevent the problem.

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Had mine done and they are right. The dot matrix crap around the perimeter of the window does show through. It did the same on my 95' Cobra so I knew what to expect. No biggie, I got over it. I don't know why Ford has to put that sh*t on there in the first place?
No white spots but there are lighter spots from the dot matrix. You can't tell unless you stick your nose up to it. I didn't really notice it until you said something. Very minor, nothing to worry about.
The dealer did mine as part of my aftermarket package. No spots.
I am going to get only the side windows tinted - Going to keep the back untinited.

What should this cost from a good tinting shop?
I had the tint guys put black vinyl over the dots around the rear window. This hides all the dots before applying the tint.
My tint guy put a wide piece of black tape accross the top and it came out good. I don't have a pic though.
Nasty what do you have under your Bullitt badge??
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