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Window Tinting

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Anyone know how dark the window tint can be and where it's legal to put it?
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in Texas that is....
5% rear, 5% rear quarter, 35% doors, 5% eyebrow no lower than the marks on the windshield. If you want it legal. here's 5% all around

Hope this helps
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Cool thanks guys!
You didn't ask for shop recommendation, but I jump in anyway. Moonshadow has done my last four cars. Excellent work...had one car for five years, no peeling or blistering.
They have several locations in/around Dallas. I've used the Carrollton (at Keller Springs/Josey) twice including for #5281.
As a former and future defense attorney and as a current prosecutor I find it to be inherently unjustified when law enforcement (LEO) stops a vehicle for tint violations. First, a LEO can only speculate on the "darkness" of the tint until he actually measures it. Measuring it requires your car to be stopped and the door open (or window partially down). If a LEO stops you for that violation it is illegal because of the lack of probable cause. However, in Florida, courts are increasingly giving LE the benefit of the doubt. Not fair. I personally put on the darkest available (Not reflective). Let them stop me. :evil:
I have a 15% black tint with a 35% platinum tint all the way around. The black and the silver create a greenish shade that is almost an exact match to the DHG. Plus, the platinum blocks all dangerous UV rays from the interior. I'll load a pick soon to show you all how cool the tint match is to the DHG.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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