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WINTER IN IDAHO...not a good time for a BULLITT.

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It's really ugly here today.
Lake effect, storm picks up moisture from Great Salt Lake and dumps it on the east bench. That's me with over a foot in my front yard today.
Not Bullitt weather, or 97GT for that matter which is my daily driver. I put Michelin Alpins on her last year. They seemed to help alot.
This is the ONLY time I wish I had front wheel drive.

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Crap, just what I need.

I'll probably only pull one trailer through Utah and Idaho tomorrow, because my oversize permit says I can't be over 75 feet long in snow and ice.

First snow of the year means I'll be sucking seat upholstery up my butt for a while.

Shoot, looks like I'm going to have to actually work tomorrow. :lol:
Got about 1/2 foot here today, both mustangs are hibernating already - it's 4X4 time
Shoot, Mac, you'll probably be drinking beer in a pub all Winter. :lol:
k boys and girls i got stuck in the storm saturday night here in utah. i got stuck on a flat road!!!!!!!!! i ended up backing my car to the nearest parking lot and leaving it over night. i ended up calling my dad and he had to bring his truck to come pick me up. i didn't get home till 3:30 am. worst experiance i have ever had with the car. the most imberassing part was that a geo metro honked at me then passed me when i was stuck.

and FYI when i tried to drive with the traction control on. it actually killed the car several times. i ended up getting further with it off and in reverse.

poor car had 6 inches of snow on it in the moring when i got back to it to bring it home.
I just called the office, Karl and I'll be just pulling a single trailer today. I'm watching the news right now and it's snowing to beat the band in Salt Lake City.
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Yessiree, it was darn cold in Boise yesterday! BRRRRRRR!!!!!!!
I remember two years ago getting stuck on the turnpike between Syracuse and Buffalo for 8 hrs coming back from a bowling tourney. There were three of us in the car and lucky me had the back seat!!!!! :grin: The trropers were out on snowmobiles!!!! It was wild.
My house during storm. Frank is nice and toasty in the heated "Garage Majal."
The Olympic committee must be very happy. A record breaking November!


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