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Depends on how cold it gets...down to -5C shouldn't be a problem - I've started cars at winter temps of -15C with no undue precautuions and had no problems. We had January temperatures hit -27C the year before last in north Germany (winds from Siberia - cheers Ivan) and most people's cars stsrted up OK after we'd scraped the snow and ice off them...
Below -25C and you're supposed to think about heating the engine block before starting up and using specialised lubricants, but for the one or two days of the year this might happen...? I'd just stay in bed if it were that cold...

If you're 'just' storing the car then there shouldn't be too many dramas down to about -15C...

I'm betting there are a few people on here who have real-life experience of storage-solutions - I just keep my DD outside and drive it when I need to (that won't be happenning to the new Bullitt though - it will be a cold-and-wet-weather GQ).

A small electrical space-heater on a timer-switch might be a cheaper option...set it to go on 2 hours before you need the car, that should bring it up to a safe start-up temperature if it's REALLY cold...
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