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Hi everyone, here's the story.
So far I was driving 3445 with its oem wheel but wanted to preserve them. So I've decided to get a set of 18".
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I now had to pick some rubber. My car is not a race car. It scares me to drive it fast, the frame feels like it's made out of chewing-gum of some sort. and crash test result for this particular model makes you go to church on Sundays.
That being said, I sometime do burnouts and a few donuts if i'm in the mood. My engine is stock and the new rims in 10 in the rear are quiet fat. My concern was to get too much grip and not being able to spin the wheels again :(

SO... I've decided to go for winter tires in the rear.
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Was it a good idea? no. It turns out to be a f***** brilliant idea!
After a test drive, the new wheels make the car feel a lot more stable and when ever I want make some donuts, the soft rubber is the perfect ingredients.
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So my conclusion is: stop buying summer tires and go for the winter choice all year long.

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I understood it actually was not advisable to run winter tires in the summer, with a big reason being that the compound will wear out faster. Some other reasons are mentioned in this article.

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