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This year I've been working hard the restoration of Kay's 67FB.... I've installed
new quarters, tail light panel, door skins, & passenger floor pan.

BUT today I finished the biggest job so far,..... the passenger front frame rail and rear inner fender. I've been working on it for about 4 days now. Before I go back to work next Thursday, I want to have the driver's floor pan in and the driver's front frame rail finished. I'm waiting on the right shock tower to be delivered and waiting for pay day, so I can order the driver's side shock tower.
I want to paint the car this summer.
I still need new front fenders and a trunk lid, new chrome, new interior kit.... And I haven't even started the engine or drive line work.
I forgot the right rear frame rail also needs replacement and the driver's side rear rail needs repair.
I'm going to get the Cannidain Mustang Super Suspension kit, which comes with lowering springs and a rear sway bar and many improvements to stock supension.
Life is good!!!!! I really like this restoring Mustang stuff. Maybe I can get a job doing this after I retire from the Navy.

Jimmy Ray and Kay
73 MACH1 351 CJ
67 Fastback

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Sound like the perfect job to me for when you retire. I still don't know what I want to do. My other hobby is building Scale models, and I would like to professionaly build, but the market is saturated with diecast, so it's hard to find someone willing to pay 5K+ for a show quality replica. I have a friend in England who gets about 7K per model.
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