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I had an interesting occurrance recently with a WRX.....

But first let me say, I watch Speedvision alot. I see the WRX commercials and see them mop up in the rally races. Pretty cool...the commercials, anyway. At times, I think I could use one of them for tooling daily and hacking around the bumpy twisties, but the Bullitt is the one I couldn't live without, and I knew a Bullitt would be hard to come by if I didn't go for one now. WRX's will surely be popular, they're neat, and everyone who wants one can have one. They aren't cheap, either.

So, I'm hacking around a mountain road with 2095 and getting over the initial break-in period. Now I'm seeing what it can do. And it can do plenty. I'm getting to be a pretty smooth shifter and can pour on the torque effortlessly, without making a scene. I end up at a railway crossing waiting for one of those 300-car Reading Railway specials. I'm the first one in line. All I'm really thinking about is all that railway dust that Zaino says we need clay bars to remove....and a guy in a WRX pulls up behind me.

After the train passes, I proceed patiently, yet intently. I'm singing at about 50mph in third and Mr. WRX seems way too interested in me. I imagined he was a guy who might have bought a Bullitt, but opted for the WRX. I forge ahead, and soon realize that he's looking for a piece of me! I mind the 35mph speed limit past the local fire station, with him right on my but, and as soon as the limit rises for the next long stretch, I nail it. I mashed 2nd from about 40mph, ran up to 5400, chirped 3rd effortlessly, and looked back. Mr. WRX was pushing hard, but I had 50 lengths on him without blinking. I'm sure he was on it, cause after another mile or so, he's right back on me. It wasn't necessary for me to explain my position again. And it's obvious to me that there's no substitution for torque.

I like WRX's and would have been happy to stop and chat with the fellow, but the opportunity never arose. I'd like to think that he had fun, too. Somehow, I just think I'm having alot more!
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