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X or H pipe?

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Wondering what to put on the Bullitt. I'm putting Flowmaster Super 44's on her for mufflers. Should I get a H or X pipe, with or without cats? :dhg01:

Ok so if I leave the factory H on, cut the cats off, and put on the Super 44's will it still sound good? I want to cut the cats off just because it makes it louder from what i've been told, but as far as the mid pipe I really don't care. I just want it to be LOUD and DEEP. I don't want it to pop like some do. So what should I do
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I just put a MAC o/r H on 3 weeks ago. (no cats)
Kept the Bullitt Mufflers on
Its got a nice deep idle that is not overly loud and it screams when you stand on it!
It has a beautiful growl when driving 2000 rpm and up
I am so happy with the pipe. best 160 bucks i could of spent
Had to buy a longer O2 for the front drivers side tho and the mil eliminators for the rears
so in the end it was about 230 bucks
still worth it tho
Recommend the H without cats!

Can you send me your stock mufflers?
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I love my exhaust on my Bullitt....Mac O/R Prochamber with stock cat back...quiet when it needs to be but loud when i play with that loud pedal prochamber is a combo of the x and h in a way
Especialy with flowmasters. Love that sound. I had shorty equals, off road h and 2 chamber flows with no tail pipes on my 87 years ago I could be heard from miles around.
X-pipe sounds terrible with flowmasters. Go with the h-pipe.
With Flowmasters I would definitely recommend an H-pipe. It will sound awesome!
I have a JBA off-road H pipe with the stock Bullitt catback. It is pretty 'cackly' in the 2000-2500 rpm range, but otherwise it sounds great. I wish I could smooth out the sound in that 2000-2500 rpm range though. I love the rumble when you let off, and it sounds great below 2000 and really good above 3000. Not sure if the Mac would sound different or not. Also, many people have said you need to replace the studs on the driver's side manifold with the Mac H pipe, but this was not an issue with the JBA. The JBA is also stainless.
VCal-Bullitt2567 said:
X-pipe sounds terrible with flowmasters. Go with the h-pipe.

I have a catted x-pipe with flows and it sounds good. But I have the 50 series Flow's.
yes you do need to replace the studs on the drivers side flange.
i learned that the hard way and ended up spending a few days on the project.
also had a very hard time removing the bottom nut on the passanger side flange
the cats get in the way!
wish i would of known what i was getting into so i would be better prepared
glad they are gone now and everything sounds great
like i said before, H all the way
i didn't have to replace the studs on mine nor any of the 30+ mac mid pipes i've ever installed on 99-04 mustangs. they all came with a sleeve that you put between the pipe and the manifold and it takes care of the flange bottoming out
h pipe with flows for sure
I have an o/r x-pipe with super 44s and am happy with them. I wanted an o/r h-pipe, but the muffler guy ordered the x-pipe instead telling me that he always installs x-pipes on mustangs (they mostly work on mustangs).

But as you read, x-pipe will give you a more nascar raspy and h-pipe will give you a more deep, old-school muscle sound. I wanted the deep muscle, but am satisfied with what I got. Here's what it sounds like with the o/r x-pipe and super 44s though:

By the way, DO NOT do an o/r x-pipe with the stock mufflers. Sounds like crap, I did mine and at WOT it is terribly raspy and obnoxious. I did the o/r pipe then added flowmasters later. I would have loved an o/r h-pipe with the stocks though, because it keeps the same bullitt sound but makes it a whole lot louder.
you know austin, i like the sounds of yours very much!!

i have the setup you can hear below...

it is Flowmaster single-chamber top ten series muffs with offroad h (MAC) and the ONLY thing i have never liked was the backpopping, which i figured was my penance for the awesome WOT sounds... but i think it might be moreso due to the H pipe, cause i didn't hear any popping when you let off the throttle, just a nice rumble... maybe that is what i need...
good vids, thanks for the reference!!
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I have a catted x-pipe with flows and it sounds good. But I have the 50 series Flow's.
I started out with an O/R X-pipe and 50 series Flowmasters, but that sounded like ASS. I had to weld in a pair of high flow cats to tame the horrible raspiness at 1700rpm (cruising rpm). I would NOT recommend an O/R X-pipe with any of the chambered mufflers.

However, I have recently installed an O/R Mac Pro-Chamber with the 50 series Flowmasters, and I LOVE this set up. Although, I would go with Super 44s if starting from scratch.

I HIGHLY recommend the Mac Pro-Chamber mid pipe!!! :toocool:
I see everbody is sayin Hpipe, so with keeping the factory H with the mufflers would i still get a decent sound? Or if i left the stock H and cut out the Cats with the mufflers?
H FTW. only way to go.
I would upgrade to an o/r H-pipe...there a little over $100 and are bolt-on...that way you can keep your stock h-pipe just in case you ever wanted to go back or sell it all original. My stock h-pipe is still under my house wrapped in a trash bag :smile:
And one of us can have both, with a 2 minute turn of a wrench!
I have the Flowtech O/R H pipe. In regards to the studs, I just grinded mine down so the midpipe would fit right with the manifold. I really like the sound. Best $160 I think I have ever spent.
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