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Xenon Head lights installled,...............Pics inside

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Hey everyone,
By popular request. People wanted to see the "before" and "after" of my Xenon Headlights. Here we go.


Personally i like them. You can see the big color difference with these pics. The lights kind of remind me of the head lights on my buddy's S-2000. But i can see why others wouldn't like it.


100mm Densecharger with K&N Airfilter
Steeda Tri-ax Shifter
Stock Mustang GT Fog Lights
Super White Xenon Head lights
Mustangworld Stainless Steel Bumper Inserts

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JC Whitney has 3 kinds of 9007 Xenon headlights available. They have (high/low) 65w/55w (legal), 100w/55w (semi-legal), and 100w/80w (illegal/off-road). They're OK. I once had the 100w/80w in another car. I got them for $11.95/each + s/h. Sometimes they have the 100/80's on sale for as cheap as $9.95 each.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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