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Yesterday was 4th year annvi

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Thats right Kay and I have been hiched 4 great years (even though I've been gone for over 1 1/2 years of our marrage).
Took her back to the Fancy eatery I popped the question at. We took the MACH1. Normally they have valet parking and they love parking the cool cars in front like on display, and I get a kick out of one of Jimmy's toys being parked with the Jags BMW's and other high dollar auto's (1007 has been there). Well last night they didn't have the service (I guess because out of season).
My trusty MACH1 comes rumbling up to the parking area Kay and I are both looking for the parking attendants, none came running so we park the car, as we are driving by the entrance door We see faces all looking out the door, and windows. As we park we are surrounded by admirers that had come running out of the building.
I spend about 15mins talking about our car.... Kay finally made me take her in to eat.
It was just so cool, these rich guys that have these high end cars want to talk to me Jimmy Ray about a car I retsored my self.
Kay and I were showed 2 our table which we could look at the MACH1 while eating dinner, and watching the on lookers to look over MY WORK OF ART.
I love Bullitt 1007, but my friends if you want a ego high, get a classic, or old muscle car. I love to to be stroked!!!!!
Oh I really love kay also.

Jimmy Ray and Kay
73 MACH1 351 CJ
67 Fastback

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Congratulations Jimmy Ray and Kay!! 4 down and another 40 to go???? lol
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