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Ok guys,

I finally got a Diablo Tuner 2 weeks ago and have noticed a bit off difference through all the rpms and in the exhaust.
Was told it should be about 7 more to the wheels.
Now im about to pull the trigger and get a JLT CAI.
I want to do this as cheap as I can so I don't think im gonna shell the extra 25 bones for the DHG paint.
Anyone else rock the black JLT on a DHG B?
Is it true I can get more outa this thing with the tune?
Like 10 more to the wheels?
Please if anyone has done the tune and JLT please let me know.

I know that gears are the best mod but im a college student and cant make that happen right now.
Mabey this summer tho, and it will be 4.10s for sure.

also American Muscle does not have it in stock so does anyone know if we get a discount with Dallas Mustang?

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Pete_fish, 2180 was the car Jay used to set up the JLT for the Bullitt, When we first put the system on the car and did the dyno pulls (it has been a while) but I believe the hp pick=up was right around 12 to the wheels. You can always go straight to the source and pick one up from jay himself at

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When I installed the JLT CAI setup,I noticed the A/F ratio went a touch rich at WOT,12.8 down to 12.5,plus a slight hesitation when hitting the throttle quickly,in 2nd gear.
So I plugged in my SCT programmer and pulled some fuel out. This got me back in the 12.7-12.8 range.
Also after a couple days of driving,the hesitation was gone,and the throttle response really sharpened up.
Later,I built a large scoop,that fits down in the lower bumper area,to enhance the airflow to the filter area,as it sits in a nice little pocket of the inner fender apron.
Track test showed that at top end speed,in 4th gear the A/F ratio was a flat 13.0 thru the RPM range.
It really picked up my MPH,and helped lower the ET,at the strip.
I have no complaints with the setup. Best unit I have used,over the years!
Also installed a removable pre-filter sock,over the filter,to keep the dirt build down,during normal cruising.
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