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On 2002-01-09 18:44, Mus408 wrote:
Thanks guys! 01GTB,I assume you got your "Five Liters of Fury" magazine...good find! JohnHenry,I had a bid war with one guy at the last 8 hrs. of the bid.

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I buy allot on eBay,I'm it to baseball trading cards BIG TIME.... Mus408 the next time you see something you REALLY want,log on to eBay and SLAM your bid in at the last min. I've gotting so good i can put a bid in with 20 sec. left on the clock. If you bid to early your just driving up the price.
Nice find,I have 5 of those Mags.... Just Kidding :-B


(Best ET to date 13.73 my Bullitt is stock other then Nitto DR's)

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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