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How many of you bought your Bullitt from a Ford dealer that is owned by a multi-dealer corporation? In other words, was the Ford dealer associated with different manufactureres like GM, Chrysler, Toyota, etc., all owned by a single person or group. Like here in Portland there is The Ron Tonkin Auto Group, Thomason Auto Group or the group I bought my Bullitt from, Bryan Bickmore (Gesham Ford)?
The reason I asked this is because alot of you wonder why the salesman at your dealer is not very knowledeable about their product.
The reason I believe about this is because since the salesperson does not work for any particular brand in the group, there knowledge suffers. They get shipped around from one dealer to the next in the group where ever they may be needed. At one of these places, you may be talking to a salesperson that is more familiar with a Dodge than a Ford but, he's working at the Ford dealer this day because they are short handed or they are having a big sale or something. What do y'all think?
I'd like to say that when I bought my Bullitt, I didn't care if they knew what it was because I already probably new more about the Bullitt or the Mustang in general than they did anyway. So it didn't matter so much to me. Any of you feel this way? Do y'all think I'm smokin' somehting? :grin:
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My dealer, Ford Country, is part of the Gaudin Ford Group in Las Vegas. They own Gaudin Ford and Team Ford also and are the only authorized SVT dealers in Southern Nevada.

When I ordered the Bullitt, nobody there knew diddly squat about the Bullitt, but the sales staff was very informed as far as the rest of the Ford line went.

The only non Ford product they deal with is Jaguar, but we already know who own's Jaguar. :smile:
I bought mine at MSA Ford at the Fraser Valley Auto Mall. The salesman that helped me knew everything about the Bullitt except for the numbered sticker in the engine compartment. He knocked almost 2 grand off the sticker, and so I paid about $21,500K for a Bullitt with only 60 miles on her. Then comes the tax... :mad:
Your Bullitt stickered for $23,500. How'd you do that?


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Actually, mine had a sticker of $36,500 CDN (which is $21,900 USD at the current exchange rate at the time). I think they had lowered it because of the 60 miles. That's what they said when I asked them about the lower sticker price (I had done my research online and noticed that MSA's Bullitt was cheaper). Knock of a few bills, throw in a car cover, the first 3 oil changes free, and 10% off the extended warranty, and I was set. The only thing I paid full price on was the clearcoat, undercoat, and interior protection, which was nothing compared to the money I saved. All I had to do in return was buy my salesman a bottle of Amber Lamb's rum ($25.00 CDN). :smile:
Hate to tell you this but the profit the dealership made on the undercoat, clearcoat etc. was out of this world. They can afford to knock down the price if they can upsell you on things like warranty, insurance, clearcoat etc. I got my car for around 22,000 US but shyed away from all the extra goodies. So I guess I paid for it in the end.
All the undercoat, clearcoat, and extended warranty stuff and all other extras were only around $400 CDN. It was not much at all. I still think I got a sweet deal compared to some of the other Bullittheads that were reporting paying over $26K US for theirs.
I bought mine at a small town dealership, Murrey Motor Co., Wills Point, TX, that has been owned by the same family for decades. He has always treated me very well on every car I have bought from him. When I bought my 82 GT from him many years ago I had a dealer in Dallas try to tell me I was lying about how much I paid for it. I showed him the contract and he said he didn't know how anyone could see one that cheap. Of course that was a dealer at a mega dealership with lots of overhead against a dealer with a showroom only big enough for 2 cars.

Heck the owner even types up his own contracts.
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