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YOUR OPINION! Has anyone tried these??

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HI all!

On the advise of many of you, I went and purchased some "car cleaning" items.

I got the Viking Chenille Mit for cleaning and I got the famous "The Absorber" but while I was at Auto Zone I found a bag of "towels" and I looked them over and thought I could use them and they would not scratch or harm the paint. Here is what they are:

VIKING (brand)
Polishing Cloths
100% Cotton
Made in USA

Now, I KNOW many of you suggest the Royal Velvet (is that the name??) towels that are 100% cotton, made in USA but these are cloths and they are super soft, softer than the towels I just bought for a fortune, and I was just curious.....Anybody try these cloths or have any comments? I've not used them yet, but they are just as soft as the 100% cotton baby diapers I used to have.

Thanks for the input!
Bubbles :smile:
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Are they like a towel or a smooth cloth? Loop or no loop? The problem with a non-loop cloth is they have no ability to absorb dust and that stray piece of whatever, it just get dragged around on the surface. Theres nowhere for it to go. At least with a towel the loops grab it and chances are it will become embedded and stay away from the paint.

Sorry you aren't happy with the Royal Velvet towels. You asked for a recommendation and I'm one of the people who told you to use them. I like them, never had a problem with them. But do what you gotta do.

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Um, not sure where you got I wasn't happy with the Royal Velvet towels. Just said these cloths are softer than the towels, and they are, they are not looped either, they are just like a cloth baby diaper. I have not used the towels yet, I only bought two large ones for drying. I'm sure they will work wonderful. My main use for the cloths will be to absorb runoff from the hood scoop and maybe to clean the lights and the wheels and windows. I plan to use my Royal Velvet towels, along with The Absorber, to dry the body!

I thought you were referring to using it for the Zaino. My bad.
for drying you should really look into getting a "water blade". These things are amazing! It makes a HUUUUGE difference when drying your car.
You should be able to get it from Pep Boys as well.
Add another + for the Blade (AKA California blade). At a recent car show it rained all morning until noon. After it let up I squeegied the car, gave it a once over with a chamois, and finished polishing with a cotton towel...done and strolling around looking at the cars while others where still working... and working...and working the chamois. And I still took first place! :smile:
You mean to say that you all actually clean your cars? :eek:

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I just let the hired help do that work... LOL :grin:
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Dona, I have a friend with an 86' that looks absolutely showroom. He drove it in the snow for the first few years, but keeps it in the garage now during winter. He has always used a product called liquid glass. Its a polish not a wax. It protects well, and looks even shinier after a couple applications. I used it on my bullitt, and it looks incredible. Great shine and no swirls at all. All I know is if his Stang looks this good after 15 years with nothing but Liquid Glass, thats good enough for me. They have a web site I think. This guy is a clean freak at work, home and play. Very picky guy. This stuff MUST be good.
The California Water Blade is awesome can dry my car very quick!=}
i've been washing mine once a week. for drying i use about 20 minutes on the back roads at about 75+. this does the trick for the most part. i still have problems with small water spots. mostly around the scoop and mirrors. while carving up the back roads is big time fun, i need a quicker way to dry her off and eliminate the water spots.
Well, I bought that Rain-X car wash and it does what it says....NO water spots...just sheets right off! I washed #4841 a few days ago and could not find ONE single water spot...anywhere!!!

in response to grinnin 75+ may dry most of it but it takes 125 to remove the water between the scoop and the hood! dring down is much more fun that way.
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