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Z-28,A kill for us!

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Last night on the way home I was finally challeged by our arch enemy,a Z-28!As I was coming aroud a circular entrance ramp ( it says 25mph-I was doing 45 in third!)a mid 90s Z-28 (1995 or 1996,a LT1 car)was in the right line thatb I was attempting to merge in.As I was in front,he was trying to be an #[email protected]&*&! and nailed it to try and stop me.I know for a fact that it had Flowmasters because of the exhaust sound and that it was a 6spd because I could hear him shift.I kept it in 3rd gear and hit 6000rpm before shifting into 4th and pulled him bad!After doing this I slowed to 60 in the right lane in hopes that he would pull up in the left and he did.He had already accelarated hard and was attempting to pass me when I dropped into 3rd and did it again!Again,I pulled ahead hard and I think that he must have re-thought his position(last!)and he no longer attempted to pass and went below the speed limit to avoid humilation for a third time!His wife or girlfriend was with him and he could have been embarressed.I think that that last word was misspelled,but it was great!
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mustang1: Isn't the rev limiter supposed to kick in somewhere between 5200 and 5500 rpms? Wonder if yours is working? Good Job!
the rev limiter kicks in at about 6250 rpm. try it.
I have never hit the rev limiter. when driving the car in the performance mode,I shift at 6000rpm.At least on the factory tach,they are not always accurate.
The rev limiter won't kick in until around 6k.. I've banged off mine on more than one occasion. The way this engine pulls so quickly you'd think that the redline would be better placed around 8 grand instead. :smile:
I've engaged the governor on #140 a handful of times now (Appears to be well over 6 grand on the tach). It mostly happens when I am concentrating on pulling ahead of someone instead of checking the tachometer or shifting, then bam, my fuel cuts off. It seems like a silly question, but I was just wondering if I may be doing some permanent damange by reaching the limiter like this, or if it is just working as it should. Any thoughts would be appreciated. BTW, great job on smoking the Cam, Mustang 1.
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