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I was on my way home from Pep Boys getting some swirl remover so I could help my friend out with his '95 vert.. anyhow.. I was on my way and decided on Chicken tonight.. When I pulled up next to a Red Z-28 vert. The light goes green and I hear him light his tires. well coming up to construction precluded continuing but there was another light ahead. We get up to this one and we give each other the obligatory **** eating smile. The light goes green just before we get to the line and WHAM!!! The Camaro lights his tires and I give a little chirp and am GOOOONE!! Light second and chirp 3rd.. he never gains on me and stays 1 1/2 lengths behind.
He pulls up to the next light and asks if I think I can get him from a stop. Browns chicken is at this light and I figure... what the hell.. So I say sure.. The light turns green and it's a repeat of the last run. He pulls along side and asks how much hp do I have. I tell him 265 and he goes.. Oh.. 365 I see... I correct him.. No.. TWO sixty-five. His jaw drops and he says.. I've got 300 in this thing.. I don't get it. Well we exchange waves and go our seperate ways. Ahh.. the first Camaro I've actually found at a stop light and I GOT HIM!! WOO HOOO!!! It was an older one.. He had the open headlights as opposed to the covered lenses like the new ones have. SO that would make it an LT1?
Ahhhh.. life is grand!!!

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Nice tractor!!!!!!!! I'm waiting to take 1007 to strip until it gets more miles and cooler But when I'm ready, we'll launch an attack on VMP

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