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Got my Zaino today, will post before and after pics later this week.
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Got out today and put some Zaino on my car. It is beautiful!
I look forward to your pics. I am considering going to Zanio now. Tell me how it works out.
What products are you guys using? (Z1, Z2, Z3...?)

And are you using good old Dawn soap to remove any wax or are you using the bar to get rid of wax and prepare the paint surface for Zaino?

One last question was-will zaino help in removing swirl marks? I don't have many and they aren't super deep except for the ones on my roof that were put there by the dealership when they used an orbitor. You gotta love that, especially after I told them not even to touch the car if they weren't going to detail it by hand.
Luckily they only used it on half of the roof to remove a slight scratch.
I used Dawn, have not Zanioed yet. The Dawn worked great, it even took off some sap I had on it from parking under some trees.
OK here I go.

I did wash the car with Dawn soap to strip all the wax off. It did a good job at getting everything (including some tar).

After a good wash I clayed the car using Z7(Zaino car wash) as a lubricant. This took longer than anything else. And really removed a lot of crud I couldn't even see. I would recommend it.

Then guess what I washed it again. Mainly to get the soap off.

I started with Z5 to get rid of a couple of swirl marks and scratches. (only had time for one coat) It made all but a couple of scratches disappear. I believe more coats will get rid of the rest.

At this point the car looked REAL good. But I wanted better!

Applied Z6 and then a coat of Z2. There was enough differance after the Z2 to make it worth the effort.

Now all I have to do is Keep coating it on until it looks like glass.

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can someone tell me how to post a picture?
Hey BlueBullitt2180,
All you have to do is post another message and click the Upload Image File link down below the post window. The directions are pretty simple from there. You upload the picture to the BullittHead server and you'll see the address on the server. Include that address in your post and Voila!
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